World Intelligent Vehicle Conference 2020 Unveils

Time:2021-07-30 Author:World WIV

World Intelligent Vehicle Conference 2020 Unveils


High-quality brainstorms will bring inspiration for continuous innovation to Guangzhou, the city of intelligent vehicles, and enlighten the intelligent vehicle industry about its future development. On December 3, the World Intelligent Vehicle Conference 2020 officially opened in Guangzhou, the City of Rams, bringing together over 100 representatives of domestic and foreign official institutions, academicians and experts, enterprise leaders, industry leaders, representatives of investment and financing institutions, and representatives of international industry organizations. Following the theme of “The Future, Driving Now”, this conference was a feast of ideas and wisdom.

    Supported by the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality, this conference was co-sponsored by International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission, Development & Reform Commission of Guangzhou Municipality, Tianhe District People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality, and IDG Asia. Guangzhou put forward the “strategy of trillions to build the city of intelligent vehicles”, and countless new ideas for intelligent vehicle innovation were generated during the conference.

Discussion among gurus on the trends of the intelligent vehicle industry

The global intelligent vehicle industry has ushered in an unprecedented period of intensive activity, and a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is about to make breakthroughs. The development of automobiles has overturned traditional modes and applied advanced technologies, making intelligent vehicles the focus of a new round of international competition. As the automobile industry is going through a special transformation period, this conference focused on new changes, new challenges and new ideas in this industry, and outlined a new blueprint for the innovative development of the intelligent vehicle industry.

During the Opening Ceremony and Main Forum of World Intelligent Vehicle Conference, Diao Ailin, Deputy Secretary-General of the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality, presided over the opening ceremony; speeches were given by Hugo Shong, Founding Chairman of IDG Capital, Jim Wunderman, President and CEO of the Bay Area Council, Chen Zhiying, Executive Vice Mayor of the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality, and Huang Yong, Director of the International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission. Yi Bin, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission, presided over the main forum. Keynote speeches were delivered by Gao Jian, Deputy Director General of the Department of International Cooperation of the National Development and Reform Commission, Gu Ziming, Vice Director of the Department of Industry of the National Development and Reform Commission and Tan Minghe, Chief Executive of Tianhe District, Guangzhou. Besides, themed speeches were made by Chen Qingquan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, U.K. Founding Chairman of World Electric Vehicles, Ye Shengji, Chief Engineer and Deputy Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Feng Xingya, Deputy Secretary, CPC Committee President of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., LTD., Li Keqiang, Professor of Institute of Vehicle and Transportation in Tsinghua University, Director of State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy Conservation, Chief Scientist of National Intelligent Networked Automotive Innovation Center, Shuanggen Jin, Member of Academia Europaea, Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and Dr. Karl Fuchs, Vice President, Innovation & Technology China, Continental. From the perspectives of enterprises, universities, research institutions, the government, commercial institutions and consumers, attendees made suggestions for the development of the world’s intelligent vehicle industry, focusing on hot topics such as policy orientation, development trends, technological innovation, scenario expansion, launch and application, and market development.

In his speech, Chen Zhiying, Executive Vice Mayor of the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality, said that Guangzhou will focus on constructing 5G and the Internet of Vehicles as well as building an ecological system for the intelligent vehicle industry, an advanced and complete basic data system and a comprehensive and efficient network security system. He pointed out that the city is striving to create an industrial innovative development platform, improve research and development levels, and master core technologies, so as to promote coordinated development the upstream, midstream and downstream enterprises of the industry chain, accelerate the innovative development of Guangzhou’s new energy intelligent vehicle industry, and enhance the new momentum of economic development.

According to the speech by Huang Yong, Director of the International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission, to unleash the innovation-driven efficiency in the high quality development of intelligent vehicles, the intelligent vehicle industry should not only focus on the development of basic technology, but also on innovative practical applications. He added that the industry must build independent technology and basic brands, strive for breakthroughs on the underlying technology side, accelerate the formation of China’s independent and controllable standardized automotive technology systems and architecture, and solve all kinds of bottlenecks in such areas as chips, hardware and software, and system components.

Gao Jian, Deputy Director General of the Department of International Cooperation of the National Development and Reform Commission, introduced that the development of the intelligent vehicle industry is still in its infancy and still faces multiple constraints and challenges. In Gao’s view, we need to continue to be open to international cooperation on intelligent vehicles, build a more scientific and perfect training system for professionals, carry out talent reserve and echelon construction, and accelerate the intelligent vehicle industry to explore the international market with new energy vehicles as a sallyport.

In his speech, Tan Minghe, Chief Executive of Tianhe District, Guangzhou, introduced that Tianhe will expedite the construction of intelligent vehicle industry infrastructure, constantly enrich the scenarios of road facilities, encourage key enterprises under its jurisdiction to build a collaborative innovation platform for enterprises, universities and research institutions, promote the large-scale development of the intelligent vehicle industry in the district, and create a model-driven intelligent vehicle industry ecosystem with a demonstration and leading role.

In his video speech, Hugo Shong, Founding Chairman of IDG Capital, said that the wave of intelligent development has reshaped the automobile industry, and the coordinated development of bicycle intelligence, vehicle-road coordination, automated driving, 5G communication, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies have accelerated the commercialization of intelligent vehicles. As China’s intelligent vehicle industry is booming, the country is making efforts to build itself into a powerhouse of intelligent vehicles by promoting integrated industrial development, creating new modes, and fostering new types of business.

In the following summit dialogue link, Zhang Li, Vice President of IDG China, brainstormed in her capacity as the moderator with some brilliant minds on the theme of “The Future, Driving Now”. They were Tony Clemson, Consul Trade & Investment, Deputy Director-Innovation and Industry, British Consulate-General Guangzhou, Paul J.Sanda, Deputy Consul General (Commercial), Australian Consulate General Guangzhou Senior Trade Commissioner, Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Sun Gang, Vice President, Product Marketing, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Ji Yu, Vice President of Xpeng Motors Vice President of AMAP, Wei Dong, General Manager of Automotive Unit, Yang Dongsheng, Dean of Product Planning and Vehicle New Technology Research Institute of BYD Auto Industry Co., Ltd., Xi Zhongmin, Vice General Manager of GAC Aion New Energy, and Jin Jun, Lead Partner, PwC China Automotive Industry.

On the same day when the opening ceremony was held, the Think Tank Closed-door Meeting of the World Intelligent Vehicle Conference 2020 invited nearly 20 academicians, experts and entrepreneurs to discuss together Guangzhou’s intelligent vehicle industry planning and share their advice on how to develop intelligent vehicle industry in the Greater Bay Area and in China at large from such fields as ecological industry chain, big data, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing related to the industry.

At the Press Conference, IDG Asia, the host of the Conference, released the Research Report of Intelligent Vehicle Industry in 2020. Dedicated to the intelligent vehicle industry, the report is divided into six parts of development overview, industry landscape, application scenarios and business models, global development status, industrial cooperation and investment as well as prospects and actions towards 2030 to interpret the present and the future of the world’s intelligent vehicle industry from a global perspective.

On the afternoon the same day, three parallel forums of the development and trend of Intelligent vehicle industry, Parallel Forum 2: Intelligent Vehicle Cyber Security Applications and Inauguration of the Guangzhou New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Development Promotion Association, and Intelligent mobility and transportation innovations.

Moreover, the Conference also organized special activities for GBA Special Forum in which guests followed the car life-cycle management and shared how leading technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud computing and deep learning can help traditional auto enterprises achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement and value upgrading in key links including product design, manufacturing, marketing communication and after-sales maintenance.


Witness how technology makes impossible possible at the Exhibition and Experience of Intelligent Vehicle

As intelligent technologies are gaining ground and China’s car making industry shows an ever stronger integrative development trend, whether a car is intelligent enough has become a key factor deciding consumers’ buying inclination. As a result, car enterprises must beef up efforts to improve consumer experience if they want to stand out from the crowd. At the Exhibition and Experience of Intelligent Vehicle area, a series of cutting-edge technologies were displayed. Representative intelligent car makers such as Tesla, Baidu Apollo, Baidu Internet of Vehicles, GAC NE, PIX, WeRide, QCraft, Neolix and Yite Zhixing showed trends and achievements of the car making industry towards intelligent development.

As a central city of the Greater Bay Area, Guangzhou has taken the lead across the country in starting the strategic planning for intelligent vehicle industry, and has been advancing the building of a full intelligent vehicle industry chain from R&D through to testing, demonstration and application. Notably, Guangzhou’s local car makers represented by GAC NE has showed their respective core intelligent vehicle technologies, demonstrating to the public that future technologies enjoy infinite potential and will bring about great changes to the society, the city and the industry.  Many visitors took photos with the good-looking intelligent cars with their smart phones.

At the exhibition area, a series of breakthrough innovations from Tianhe District People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality, Continental AG, StradVision, Leia Inc., iSMARTWAYS, GBA Autonomous Driving Industry Alliance, and the Fifth Electronics Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology were displayed, showing that independent innovation is injecting strong momentum into the leaping development of the intelligent vehicle industry. As a city encouraging innovation, Guangzhou will take full advantage of the World Intelligent Vehicle Conference 2020 to help local intelligent vehicle industry make a complete transition towards innovation-driven development and build up a systematic intelligent connected vehicle industry chain where car manufacturing occupies a central place, component enterprises gather, and intelligent and innovative enterprises cluster.

On December 4, the Conference also held seven parallel forums and one seminar themed industry hot topics, including Global Intelligent Vehicle Technological Innovation and Change, Opportunities and Challenges for the Intelligent Vehicle Industry in the Greater Bay Area, Innovation of Data Platforms and Application Practices, Cross-border Integration of the Intelligent Vehicle Industry, New Business Cooperation Models in the Whole Industrial Chain, the Establishment of Norms, Regulations and Standards, and the Opportunity of Intelligent Vehicle Investment and Financing. Besides, the Conference was live streamed and there were also live photos so that people who cannot attend it on site can get informed about latest news and developments.

With valuable insights from brilliant minds, leading-edge intelligent technologies and superb intelligent cars, the first ever world intelligent vehicle conference is a wonderful car event for audience, professional or not, to get a real glimpse into human wisdom, intelligent technology development and how will be intelligent cars like in the future.