Date & Location

Date:Fourth quarter of 2023 (to be determined)




08:30-09:00 Sign in

Visitors can enter the venue with pre-registered QR codes in exchange for certificates)

09:00-12:00 Meetings

12:00-14:00 Break out

14:00-17:30 Meetings

17:30-18:00 Leave



1、Applying certifications: Intelligent vehicles (chips, high-precise map, autonomous driving/ solutions, calculation platform, terminal platforms, cloud control basic platforms, information security platforms, application platforms and etc. ), autonomous driving,vehicle application (monitoring equipment, smart navigation,display screens, audio equipment, communication systems, etc.),auto parts, new energy vehicles, vehicle manufacturing, travel services, smart transportation, smart car testing and certification, artificial intelligence, V2X technology, 5G communications, network/data services and other related personnel and car enthusiasts;

2、Applications:Adopt the pre-registration system, you can apply for free participation through online registration (or phone, email);

3、Entering certifications:Visitors must present their pre-registered QR code or pre-registered mobile phone number in exchange for a certificate to enter the venue.

4、Languages:Chinese & English


Ways of registration

1、Log in online to pre-register;

2、Mail registration (individual or group):Edit and send "Participant's name + company + position + mobile phone number + email" to;

3、Registration consultation hotline:86-20-87580270


Other notices

1、Please pay attention to travel safety and bring valid ID documents with you; participants can enter and leave the venue with their participation badges; please keep the badges properly and not lend them to others.

2、Please keep quiet in the venue and turn down your mobile phone ring to avoid affecting others. You must obey the staff's orderly guidance throughout the process.

3、Regarding all the announcement information of this conference, the final interpretation right belongs to the conference organizing committee.