The World Intelligent Vehicle Conference will be held in Guangzhou,China in Fourth quarter of 2022 (to be determined).It will be organized collectively by International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission, The People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality and Asia Data Group, be undertaken by Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Nansha District People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality and  ADG Group.


The World Intelligent Vehicle will be built into a professional event with global influence. The conference comprehensively promotes the development of intelligent vehicle policy, industry, technology, cross-industry coordination, market and other aspects, gathering advantageous resources and making full use of multilateral cooperation and high-level dialogue mechanisms, strengthens industrial exchanges and cooperation. What’s more, the World Intelligent Vehicle further strengthens the layout and upgrading ofintelligent vehicle industry in order to develop the huge potential intelligent vehicle market and help the world's intelligent vehicle industry to flourish.


For the purpose of adding impetus to the upgrade and development of vehicle industry in future, has a main forum,10 theme forums and plenty of outfield activities, focusing on key areas of intelligent vehicle including technological innovation, industrial ecosystem, hotspots, infrastructure, and safety regulations. It will enhance the innovation capacities in intelligent vehicle industry and attract massive investments of transnational capital through building a trust-worthy, professional platform for practitioners around the globe to exchange technological information and explore commercial opportunities, which will eventually speed up the spread and application of intelligent vehicle. This time we will have many attendees join us including officials from the competent government departments, scholars, leading enterprises at home and abroad from vehicle supply chain and related accessories area, industrial associations, investment institutions, distributors and agents.


Organization Structure(Draft


International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission

People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality

Asia Data Group


Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission

Nansha District People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality

ADG Expo Group




Exhibition Experience:

Sensing system:CMOS image sensors, automotive lens, camera module, MMW radar,lidar,etc.

Decision system:hardware platform, system software, functional software, applied algorithmic, etc.

Executive system: SBW, brake-by-wire, shift-by-wire, DBW, drive-by-wire suspension,etc.

Communication:V2X,UCP,communication module, information security, electronic architecture, cloud platform, etc.

Maps and positioning:autonomous driving map, dynamic map, high fix,etc.

Intelligent cockpit:LCD panel, central-control pad, IVI ,streaming rearview mirror, HUD, intelligent seat, SVOS, cockpit virtual machine, AR-HUD, etc.

    Autonomous driving:solution, taxi, valet parking, bus, truck, logistics, mining truck,etc.

    Testing and Validation:simulation test, etc.

    Vehicle integration:traditional vehicle, new energy vehicle, etc.

    MaaS:vehicle, cloud platform service, sharing travel, offline service, finance and insurance,etc.

    Incremental data:remote diagnose, consulting service, MOCS, hardware test, auto-alarming, fuel consumption management, driving behavior correction, automobile marketing, financial lease, insurance, etc.

    Other:internet, technology, etc.